Do you have a movement dysfunction that has caused your injury?

Movement competency is the ability of the body to move free of dysfunction or pain. My favourite tool to assess this is the MCS (Movement Competency Screening Tool). It has Five key movements that are assessed to identify dysfunctional movement patterns.


Muscle recruitment is the main cause of dysfunctional movements. Strength is assessed to identify muscular weaknesses or inactivation that cause the dysfunctional movements.


Physiotherapy traditionally incorporates a physical rehabilitation component. Correct form and isolation is important, therefore exercises are completed with my presence to ensure effectiveness.


How are exercises at home performed?

All exercise equipment for your rehab is provided for your individualised rehabilitation. 

Depending on your injury, exercises are performed using:


  • Specific body weight exercises

  • Hand Weights for isolated resistance exercises

  • Machine based rehabilitation

  • Thera-band elastic bands with handles and a door jam setup for isolated shoulder or lower limb rehab

  • Injury rehabilitation - Regaining strength and muscular imbalance

  • Neuromuscular reprogramming - Reviving muscles that have shut down due to injury

  • Chronic pain - Reintroducing normal movement patterns

  • Older adults - Post surgical, Stroke rehabilitation, balance, falls prevention, strength



Movement & Strength Testing